The Ghana Tourist Board sponsored the third annual Akyem Kotoku Easter Food Festival, which was conducted by the Akyem Kotoku Citizens Union.

The celebration at Akyem Oda in the country’s eastern region was a part of events honouring Ghana’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

A variety of Ghanaian cuisines were served at the event, which had the theme “Still Promoting Our Community Through Tourism.”

Mr. Edwin Owusu-Mensah, Deputy Executive Director in charge of Operations at the Ghana Tourist Board, said he hoped the festival will use the talents of local food vendors to boost tourism and bring together people of all backgrounds.

He praised the Union for using advertisements for Ghanaian cuisine to boost domestic tourism.

Mr. Owusu-Mensah reminded his fellow Ghanaians that tourism encompassed more than just sight-seeing but also the enjoyment of local specialties, crafts, and traditions.

“For instance, local crafts, traditional foods, and the attitude of the people constitute tourism and so the ordinary person is also involved in tourism,” he said.

The festival was organised so that the many rare delicacies may be served in restaurants and sold at markets, as stated by the Union’s President, Dr. Grace Bediako.

Union secretary Ohenenana Yaw Victor believes the local economy would benefit from the upcoming food festival, which will promote unity, peace, and growth in the region.

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