On Thursday, Bechem Chelsea Football Club Communications Director Vincent Coffie said the club has taken the necessary precautions to realise its goals in the next Premier League season.
Mr. Coffie stated that the team’s ambition to make its imprint and ensure its survival in the premiership has led to the development of tactics and plans to ensure that no club becomes a threat to the team.
Although this is the Club’s first season in the Premier division, he assured the GNA Sports in Sunyani that it has a crop of well-determined, motivated, dedicated, and loyal players who could lead the club to the necessary success.
In order to focus on winning, he said, the club has cut its roster size to 16 “rock solid, strong, and dedicated players” and is considering recalling its players on loan to the All Blacks and the Wa All Stars.
Mr. Coffie predicted that the club will be successful in the Premier League if they had adequately prepared for the season.
He stressed that Bechem Chelsea belongs to the people of the entire Brong-Ahafo Region, and he made an appeal to the people and corporate entities of the Region to provide material and financial assistance for the club’s growth.
The communications director gave his word that the club was set to back any other Division One clubs that made it to the Premier League.
Mr. Coffie pleaded with the Clubs to put aside their animosity towards Chelsea so that it could have an impression in the Premier League. He specifically mentioned the misunderstandings that arose during Chelsea’s games against teams from Zone One and the Middle League.
The Club was founded in Berekum, hence its name was inspired by the name of the town, as the Director of Communications indicated.
Bechem Chelsea became the club’s official moniker after it was relocated to the city.
Mr Coffie has stated that work has begun on a football pitch in Bechem, which will serve as the team’s home pitch.

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