The Africa Hockey Federation (AfHF) will soon be formed.

The inaugural Hockey Africa Cup of Nations was formally unveiled on Tuesday by Vice President

Accra International Airport hosted President John Mahama for a beautiful event.

Convention Hall.
Attended by the cream of the crop, or the “oecr me de la cr me,”

the tournament’s planning and execution from July 10th to the 18th, and AfHF’s participation in both

Seif Dini Ahmed, the President.
The night’s highlight was the ceremonial blastoff, which was seasoned with a

Ghana’s top dancer, Slim, puts on a magnificent cultural show.

In his speech, Vice President Mahama assured him of the government’s backing.

in the direction of a fruitful hosting of the competition, which would feature both male and female teams

competition among ten African countries.
He was happy with how things were going and said so openly.

describes the preparedness of Ghana to host other African nations and praises the

thank the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for their tireless work in

a fruitful occasion.
The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Nii Nortey Duah, has stated that the Ministry

Since the beginning of the event’s preparations, established ideal

collaboration with the LOC to plan and execute a successful

After the competition was over, he assured everyone that

nation’s discipline, but it would lay the groundwork for future reforms.

the game’s growth and improvement in Ghana.
Nii Duah stated that preparations were being made to bring back the sport to schools.

schools to secure its continued existence.
Chairman of LOC Mr. Abuga Pele has stated that the committee is ready to deliver.

the competition and asked businesses to donate to the

in order for the committee to succeed.
He claimed that preparations were well under way to woo President Barack Obama of the United States.

who, by coincidence, will be attending the opening ceremony in Ghana on July 10 as part of an official visit

occasion with some colour and ceremony.
According to Mr. Pele, the group will host a media conference for regional

and foreign journalists interested in learning more about the game.
Ahmed, President of the AfHF, presented the tournament flag to the Local Organising Committee.

praised the effort put into preparing for the tournament.
The African Football Federation (AfHF) expects a well-run event.

An Egyptian.
For the first time since the competition’s debut in, Ghana will play host.

The inaugural competition was won by Ghana in 1974.

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