The Ghanaian journal started as an independent paper in September 1947, when the Labour Party organized a small newspaper in the Gold Coast in the form of a semi-weekly tabloid published on Thursdays and Saturdays. The founder, William Ofori Atta, was a prominent lawyer, African National Congress leader and a staunch advocate for African independence.




Businesses in Ghana include both small, locally-owned stores and large, multi-national corporations. These businesses are the main players in the Ghanaian economy, providing jobs, producing goods and services, and creating wealth for the nation.


Politics in reference to the Ghanaian journal refers to the analysis of political and social issues influencing the African nation. This could include local or national governmental decisions or policies, or international relations.


The Ghanaian journal takes a broad view of the role that sports play in the nation; as in any country, sport brings together citizens from different backgrounds and is a source of positive change.


hanaian journals cover topics such as movies, music, trends, festivals, award shows and more, and they often feature interviews with celebrities as well as reviews of the latest films, albums, and series releases.

Science & Technology

Science and technology in reference to the Ghanaian journal comprises of research papers and articles about how technological advances and scientific research can improve the country's economy and quality of life.


In the Ghanaian context, education is viewed as the cornerstone of societal advancement. It is seen as a vehicle in which progress can be achieved and development advanced.

Health & Lifestyle

Health & Lifestyle is a Ghanaian journal that focuses on topics related to health and lifestyle in Ghana. It focuses on educating individuals and families on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.


Tourism fosters friendship and understanding of what makes each area unique. Ghanaian journals provide insight into the country's culture, history, and tourism opportunities, helping to further drive people to visit.

Real Estate

Real Estate in reference to the Ghanaian journal is the study of the buying, selling, renting and development of land and properties in Ghana. The journal focuses on researches, articles, papers, and other publications about real estate that discusses the current issues,

About Us

Ghaian Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published by Ghaian Press. Its purpose is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and practitioners from various disciplines to share their research and practice ideas with a common goal of solving global health problems. The journal accepts original articles related to all aspects of global health, such as primary care, medical ethics, health economics, public policy, epidemiology, health services, global health trends, and more.

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The Ghanaian Journal is a great source for discovering the latest news about the country. With a wide variety of articles about politics, culture, economy, and more, the website offers an interesting overview of whatโ€™s happening in Ghana.

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As a major source of news and information about Ghana, the Ghanaian Journal website is a must-have for all readers interested in the country's history and current events. The articles are well written and comprehensive, and the site provides plenty of updates on news and events. The site also has a vibrant discussion forum and a great layout. Highly recommended!

    Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS)

    GAAS is a leader in the promotion of quality higher learning and research within Ghana and its publications are an important resource for gaining insights into the country and the wider region.

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    A Window to West African Scholarship” Exploring Ghanaian Journals provides a window into West African scholarship for individuals who may not have had the opportunity