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The Ghaian Journal is committed to offering comprehensive coverage of the most current research related to all aspects of sustainable development in the developing world. It provides a platform for authors to publish original research and review articles on topics such as environmental governance, biodiversity conservation, resource management, land-use change, climate change, energy policy, poverty alleviation, economic development, and urbanization. Furthermore, the journal encourages submissions that identify and analyze the social, cultural, health, political, and economic issues associated with sustainable development. It also encourages interested parties to contact the editor if they wish to learn more about the journalโ€™s policies and practices.

Vision & Mision

For The Future

he mission of the Ghaian Journal is to identify, synthesize, and communicate links between society and the environment, alongside sustainable science and policy, in the developing world. The journal strives to achieve this mission through accountability and transparency in its editorial practices, scholarly rigour in examining submissions, and a commitment to the open access paradigm. Additionally, it seeks to achieve a global readership by disseminating its research through a variety of channels, both digital and traditional.

The Ghanaian Journal galvanized the political atmosphere by providing a platform for African independence, education and social change. Its articles and reports highlighted important topics like the plight of farmers, poverty, corruption and human rights. During the years of the independence struggle, the paper maintained its commitment to freedom and expression, even when it was threatened by the colonial authorities.

The editorial board of The Ghanaian Journal was always vibrant and filled with a mixture of professionals from diverse backgrounds. This included Africans, Europeans, accountants, journalists, and both men and women. This diversity would help to shape the content of The Ghanaian Journal into a powerful and influential tool in the fight for independence, education and development. Today The Ghanaian Journal continues to be of great importance, maintaining its commitment to reporting on both local and international news and events related to Ghana. I It continues to serve as a platform for education, social justice and freedom of expression in Ghana and the world.

The Ghanaian journal was first created in 2003 by two Ghanaian professors, Kwame Gyekye and Stafford Ransome Ahkamfuah, in collaboration with the Ghana-based publishing company, Sub-Saharan Publishers. Its aim was to provide an outlet for Ghanaian scholars to share their research and make their voices heard in the larger scholarly community. In the beginning, the journal was divided into three major sections: research articles, reviews, and news. Research articles contained the original research that was conducted by Ghanaian scholars while reviews featured analysis of existing literature.